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BRC Sequent 32 front kit - 3/4 cylinders
Product no.:: 105419 | Manufacturer: BRC

Fronkit for 3-4 cylinders vehicles with a Genius reducer and IN03 injectors.


- ECU SQ32 for 3-4 cylinders
- Genius reducer 800/1200/1500 mbar or G-MAX (optional)
- Cut-off valve 6 or 8 mm (optional)
- Wiring harness for 3-4 cylinders
- Pressure sensor at the rail
- 3-4 cylinder IN03 injection rail (optional)
- Filter
- Switch
- Water hose
- Gas hoses
- No pipes included (optional)

Emission reports / R115 can only be applied for via our online ordering system in the service area.

Please make sure before ordering whether a single-emission-confirmation or R115 is available for your vehicle.