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Toptron remote indicator for CAVAGNA 2-cylinder system, gas pressure regulator
 immediately available | Product no.:: 111685 | Manufacturer: CAVAGNA

By using a TopTron remote indicator, the status of the operating cylinder (full or empty) can also be displayed in the interior of a motorhome in the case of a two-cylinder system. The remote indicator can be integrated into the patented TopTron System Crash Protection Unit (CPU) or used as a separate indicator for two-bottle systems without gas cut-off (e.g. in caravans).

Integration of the remote indicator in a two-bottle system with CPU gas cut-off

The prerequisite is a CPU system with the components automatic gas switchover GUM151, GUM200, GUM201, control unit EL450/EL638 and operating and display unit EL351 (see illustration). The remote indicator set EL464 is installed according to the installation instructions. The remote indicator cannot be fitted to the earlier versions of the EL350 control unit and the GUM150, GUM100, GUM101 changeover unit.

Using the remote indicator in a two-cylinder system without CPU gas cut-off

An automatic gas switchover GUM102, GUM103 (like GUM151 but without solenoid valve) is required. The installation of the remote indicator set EL464 and the indicator part EL463 (without push-button) or EL466 (with push-button) is carried out according to the installation instructions. Read the installation and operating instructions carefully and always carry them with you in the vehicle. Installation, acceptance testing, etc. may only be carried out by authorised specialist personnel.