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 Available on order | Product no.:: 113693A | Manufacturer: TRUMA

The Truma Cooler C60 compressor cooler is one of Truma's Single Zone models and allows simultaneous cooling and freezing on the go. 

The compressor cooler C60 offers sufficient space for upright bottles and is equipped with a LED interior lighting

A long-term cooling is ensured by the power supply via the car battery, a 230V mains power or a portable battery. Also via a solar module or the associated accumulator Truma Cooler BatteryPack, the compressor cooler can be supplied untethered with Storm.

In addition, the compressor cooler has a built-in battery monitor, whereby the Truma Cooler C60 automatically disconnects from the car battery as soon as there is a risk of overheating.

Efficient: low power consumption due to high-quality insulation

Powerful: reliable cooling down to -22 degrees

Robust: especially safe due to stable construction

Practical: Display with target / actual temperature display

Variable: basket inserts are removable and flexibly divided

Through the digital display or the free Truma Cooler App can be directly set the desired temperature.

Usable volume 59 liters

Cooling range +10 °C to -22 °C

Weight 25.6 kg

Dimensions (L x W x H) 732 x 456 x 488 mm

Indoor dimensions (L x W x H) 578 x 327 x 379 mm

Average power consumption (on-board voltage; 25°C outdoor temperature; temperature setting 5°C) 0.7 A