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 Available on order | Product no.:: 115838A | Manufacturer: ANTARION

The Antarion voltage converter from 12 volts to 12 volts has been designed for connecting sensitive consumer devices to the on-board battery. 

- Adjustable IUOU charging characteristics. Suitable for all battery types (Acid, AGM, GEL, Lithium).

- Optimizes the generator load for vehicles of standard Euro 6 equipped with an intelligent dynamo.

- Adjustable voltages and charging parameters through DIP switches on the front.

- Easy and quick to install

- Protection against overvoltage, undervoltage and built-in short circuit

Due to its light weight and compact design, the Antarion charging converter can be easily installed in recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles or motor and sailing yachts. While driving, the battery charger charges the batteries used as a power source in vehicles or boats, or provides them with a compensating voltage to prevent them from discharging. The 12 V voltage of a vehicle or boat battery is converted into a stable voltage of 12 V. Isolating the input and output voltages means that the output voltage is kept stable without interference from the input circuit.

Length 210 cm

Width 170 cm

Height 70 cm

Weight 1.3 g

Charging current 20 A

Idle current consumption < 0.4 A