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Votronic Battery Protector, battery monitor 100 A
 Available on order | Product no.:: 108760A | Manufacturer: Votronic

The VOTRONIC Battery Protector motor is connected between the supply battery and the load and is suitable for all types and makes of lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. This protects the battery against deep discharge and the consumers against under- and overvoltage.

  • High switching current 100 A, short-time overload up to 180 A is admissible, can be switched over to 12 V/24 V board mains supply
  • Based on programmed characteristic diagrams of battery, the intelligent automatic switching threshold always calculates the disconnection point “empty” being appropriate for optimized capacity utilization and safe protection of the battery, from powerful consumers (low switching threshold at shorter response time) to very small loads (e. g. “hidden” current consumers with response times over days/months with high response threshold)
  • Operation with 3 defined disconnection thresholds can be (manually) adjusted
  • The higher set values are keeping the starting ability of intervention vehicles with only one battery circuit
    (according to DIN EN 1789)
  • The preliminary alarm with visual (LED) and audible indication (beeper, can be switched-off), as well as a separate warning terminal (PNP, plus output, 0.2 A) allow to the user to take countermeasures in time
    (such as to disconnect consumers, which are not required)
  • Solid threaded battery connections for cable lugs M6, inclusive cover for battery connections

Operating Voltage: 12 V & 24 V

Switching current Cont./Short-time: 100 / 180 A

Switching threshold undervoltage: 10, 6 / 11,5 /11,8/ 9,5 - 12,2 V

Reset point undervoltage: 12,5  / 12,5 / 12,8 V 

Overvoltage OFF/ON: 15,5 / 15,0 V

Weight: 180 g

Temperature range: -20 / +50°C

Dimensions (W x H x D): 105 x 36 x 71 mm (incl. mounting flanges, without connections)

Mark of Conformity: CE, E Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)

Delivery scope: Operating Manual